MGB Hive Exchange Policy

Firstly, it is important to understand that ‘rebuilt’ does not mean ‘brand new’. Rebuilding a unit involves stripping, cleaning, inspecting and re-assembly of the unit. During this process, parts showing signs of wear will be either completely replaced or suitably renovated. However, It is not always feasible for major sub-components to be replaced with brand new ones, for example, an exchange engine will not have a new block. Secondly, due to availability problems on certain lines, some items can only be offered on a one-for-one’ exchange basis. This effectively means that you will have to offer us a viable unit before we can release a fully rebuilt item from our stock. In some instances, we can only carry out reconditioning on your own unit. Our staff will inform you if this is so. In most cases, we have ample stocks of rebuilt items and can, therefore, release products prior to receiving your old unit. All exchange units are subject to a surcharge. This surcharge serves two purposes, firstly, it acts as an incentive for you to return your old unit, and secondly, it provides us with financial cover if your returned unit proves unsuitable for exchange purposes.

Whether or not your returned unit is suitable for exchange purposes cannot be fully ascertained until it is made available to us for inspection. As a general rule, suitable for exchange basically excludes any items that are beyond reasonable repair (i.e. crankcases ventilated with a connecting rod) or units irrevocably damaged. We are also unable to accept units unless they are returned in whole, complete form (i.e. differential units which are returned partly stripped with no bearings and all the shims missing are not acceptable), nor do we accept a ‘box of bits’. Under no circumstances can any exchange unit be shipped overseas until we receive your original unit.

We have predetermined prices for our exchange units based on our experience, what it will cost to repair a gearbox, axle or engine. Occasionally, however, the damage is so great that we just do not know where to start. In this instance, we will contact you before we begin working on your unit to advise you of any extra cost that may be incurred to effect the rebuild of your unit. We can return your unit (at your own cost) if this course proves unacceptable.